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Road between Ísafjörður and Bolungarvik

South of Bolungarvik, the old road between Isafjörður and Bolungarvik, unused since the tunnel was built.
You can go on foot or by bike without problems. Wonderfull views on Horstrandir from this bank.


Bolungarvik from the Borea Adventures boat.


Hrafnfjörður Fjord

Inside Hrafnfjörður, first picture on the Hornstrandir.

Mountains around Hrafnfjörður

Let's go ! We can see the Emergency Shelter with the campsite nearby.
On the Hattarfjöll mountain, clouds overflows from the other side.

The Skorara river

The Skorara river.

The Gygjarsporshamar mountain

This is the Gygjarsporshamar mountain, It's a big Elven settlement.
More information here (Second paragraph).

The bridge over Skorara river

The bridge over Skorara river.

Waterfall on the Skorara

Just after the bridge, this waterfall is on a tributary of the Skorara, right from the Drangajökull glacier.



Rock cracked by frost

Rock cracked by frost.

Skoraravatn lake

At the Skoraravatn lake, the source of the Skorara river.
... clouds starting to appears too ! Magical atmosphere !


On the east side, descent to Furufjörður.


Furufjarðarkirkja, a small chapel on the Furufjarðarós river.

Furufjörður campsite

Furufjörður campsite, next to the emergency shelter.


Bolungarvíkurófæra, passing below the cliffs.
You can only pass here at low tide, in this case at 3am ... wonderfull !
A glassy sea and not a sound ...


Bolungarvíkurófæra bis.


Bolungarvíkurófæra ter, the sun rises in the fog.


Bolungarvík campsite, with his water point.

Bolungarvik campsite

I was the only one in the campsite but I found luxury toilet with liquid soap and curtains !

Bolungarvik campsite

To sleep ! Alone in the swamp in front of my luxury toilets !

Day 2 : Bolungarvik - Drífandi

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